Customer oriented attitude was always our passion. We deliver the projects that now only fits the customer need but also are part of the customer vision for growth and strategy. Most of the people we work with come back to us again and again that make us believe we can deliver the best service for them ever.


We strongly believe that the Design is among the key elements of the success for our clients. Design itself not only determines the way  your project look like, but also shaped the whole idea of the brand and is an essential factor for the business growth overall.


Bright team of our developers have extensive technology expertise and have numerous developments in the field of programming, layouts, scripts and applications. The technologies we use are carefully chosen for every specific customer based on the needs and the complexity of the project.


Website development

Website development

• Exclusive.

• Adaptive.

• Single Page.

• Corporate.

• Landing.

• Online Store (Market).

Logo and corporate identity

Logo and corporate identity

• Market research.

• Creation of the unique name, logo, style.

• Logo design and branding.

• Design of corporate identity.

• Development of the brand book.

Graphic design

Graphic design

• Web Design.

• Design of posters, billboards.

• Design of advertising, catalogs, booklets, postcards.

• Packaging design.


“The correct target, the better its implementation”



5 easy ways to optimize your WordPress site

WordPress is a very famous platform to run modern websites on. All of the good thing have their pros and cons. Let me tell you about the weak sides of WordPress today.

Many WordPress site owners meet with this issue ones in a while at least. And this is slowness.

First of all management and content uploads become a paidfull process and the worst is that your visitors run away immediately while experiencing those troubles.

When visitors land on your website innitially you have just a couple of seconds to capture their attention and make the stay longer at your site.

Believe me they would never come back if they are stuck while browsing through your webpages and you would never see them back again. Don’t let it happen…


Этапы создания корпоративного сайта

Давайте выясним сегодня какие этапы создания корпоративного сайта.

Сетевое пространство сегодня активно развивается, и уже становится одной из основных сфер продвижения бизнеса. Этот факт позволяет существенно расширить горизонты бизнес-деятельности. Ранее мы говорили о разновидностях сайта, которые чаще всего используются в сфере бизнеса. А как же сам сайт создается? Каков же механизм «изнутри»…


Types of websites

Сегодня невозможно себе представить продвижение Вашей компании без интернета, который стал наиболее распространенной средой для развития настоящего бизнеса. Современное поколение уже не обращается к газетам и журналам, чтобы приобрести какой-либо товар. Теперь все пользуются компьютером! Безусловно, сайт стал неотъемлемой частью деятельности любой успешной фирмы. Сложно было бы представить себе компанию, которая не имеет собственную интернет-страницу в сети…





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